Pet Dental Care in Corpus Christi, TX

In veterinary medicine, dental care for animals comprises more than just keeping their mouths tidy and their teeth white.

Pet Dental Care

Has your pet’s bright smile lost its luster?

We offer extensive dental checkups, teeth cleaning procedures, and dental counseling to preserve your pet’s smile.

Do you know anyone who has bad breath? Contrary to what many pet owners may think, “dog breath” signifies a sick mouth rather than just a nuisance. Bacteria are the source of bad breath. Bacteria cause plaque and tartar to accumulate on your pet’s teeth over time. The outcome is bad breath, swollen gums, and other oral sickness symptoms. More symptoms of dental disease include missing or loose teeth, pain when chewing, and drooling. While treats and chews can reduce tartar, they frequently aren’t sufficient to halt dental disease.